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Androstebol 60 capsules 


German Pharma Androstebol is very versatile product used for both bulking and cutting, most users would run a course of Androstebol if they are looking for an increase in Testosterone, Libido and mental alertness.  


Androstebol has many health benefits, one of which being myostatin inhibition.  Inhibiting myostatin production and in turn increasing folistatin production is a sure fire way to increase muscle mass in a short period of time, Follistatin is known as the king of muscle growth, and Andtostebol helps achieve this with 75mg Epicatechin (-) in every capsule.


One of the most advanced phytostenoids known as Turkesterone is included in Androstebol,  the only product to contain this amazing compound at a healthy 150mg is Androstebol, Turkesterones Ajuka Turkestanica is sourced from the purest extracts in Uzbekistan, Uzbekistan sourced Ajuka Turkestanica extracted Turkesterone is widely regarded as the purest source of Turkesterone on the market.  


Turkesterone has been studied for its role in increasing skeletal muscle and muscle cell growth, one such study found Turkesterone was able to increase muscle cell growth at a dose of 300mg daily for 30 days.  Turkesterone like Epicatechin is also used for its ability to decrease Myostatin and in turn increase Follistatin


Lepimedium Leyenni is included at 300mg per capsule in order to increase Libido on cycle, something many males suffer with on certain supplements is a decrease in Libido, not with Androstebol, Lepimedium ramps up your sex drive and can act as a 'natural viagra' providing stronger longer lasting erections 


Androstebol is ideal for any male looking to enhance their testosterone and Libido Levels without negatively impacting their hormone levels.  


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