Alpha Lion Super Human Armor - 90 Caps

Alpha Lion Super Human Armor - 90 Caps

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Alpha Lion has completely unveiled its new Superhuman Armor, which sees the brand join several other notable names in the industry, putting together dedicated immune support supplements.
In our first look at Alpha Lion’s Superhuman Armor, its main ingredients with the Spectra fruits and greens blend, ALBION minerals, and EpiCor. The brand has now completely unveiled its immune health product, confirming the dosages for those features at 100mg of Spectra, 30mg of TRAACS zinc bisglycinate, and half a gram of EpiCor.
There are also four other ingredients in the mix with Superhuman Armor, including of course, the common vitamin C at half a gram per three-capsule serving. The other three are 300mg of elderberry fruit extract, 200mg of echinacea, and 12mg of astaxanthin, with the comprehensive formula being all about supporting and strengthening your immune system.

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