Brain Blitz™ (25 Servings)
Brain Blitz™ (25 Servings)
Brain Blitz™ (25 Servings)

Brain Blitz™ (25 Servings)

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Brain Blitz™ (25 Servings)

  • 4g of Citrulline + 2g of GlycerSize for Maximum Pumps
  • 3g of Beta Alanine for Enhanced Endurance
  • 600mg AlphaSize + Infinergy, Eria Jarensis + Noopept for Intense Focus
If you’re looking to absolutely crush your workouts, the key is making sure that you
are optimally prepared both physically and mentally. Phase One Brain Blitz is
created just for that, addressing strong energy and focus enhancement along with
proven performance ingredients. Featuring 4g of Citrulline Malate and 2g of
GlycerSize for maximum pumps and muscle fullness every workout. It is powered by
a potent and hard hitting energy and focus matrix including Infinergy Caffeine, Eria
Jarensis, DMHA and the potent nootropic Noopept. Rounding it all out, you’ll have
enhanced absorption from the inclusion of AstraGin, a natural compound that
enhances ingredient and nutrient uptake and absorption. From top to bottom, Phase
One Brain Blitz is the next phase in pre-workout supplementation.


  • Maximize Blood Flow & Pumps
  • Enhanced Focus & Energy In the Gym
  • Potent Nootropic Effects

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