Mammoth Mass 2.27Kg

Mammoth Mass 2.27Kg

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Mammoth Mass 2.27Kg

  • Clean Cut Formula With Little Added Sugar
  • High Quality Protein
  • Boasts A Massive 3,100 Calories Per Serving

Mammoth MASS is a game-changer in the mass-gainer category. The term “mass gainer” has been dragged through the mud for over a decade due to the current state of the products available. Essentially, they have been loaded with unhealthy sugars and cheap carbohydrate sources; all in the name of producing a mass gainer that is slammed with as many calories as possible per serving.
Mammoth MASS was created to help those wanting hard gains and those looking to put on MAMMOTH size in a manner that helps maximize lean muscle tissue growth while also minimizing increases in body fat. We’ve done just that with mouth-watering flavours you’ll enjoy every time you mix yourself a shake.

Here’s the great news… ANYONE. It doesn’t matter if you’re an elite athlete, student, business executive, bodybuilder, power lifter, strongman, weekend warrior, or someone who just wants to add some quality size to their frame, Mammoth MASS is for YOU!
The precise revolutionary formula found in Mammoth MASS provides clean ingredients you can feel good about consuming – none of the junk and high sugars you are accustomed to seeing in similar mass gainer products. It’s for that reason that so many people have made the switch to Mammoth MASS – to take in the quality calories and ingredients needed to put on the size they desire.

Mammoth Clean Gains Protein Blend | Whey Protein Concentrate, Whey Protein Isolate, Micellar Casein, and Calcium Caseinate.
•  Helps increase muscle growth by rebuilding torn down muscle fibers from intense workouts

Mammoth Clean Carbs Matrix | Oat Fiber, Sweet Potato Powder, Quinoa Powder
•  Clean carbohydrates to aid in energy production and glycogen replenishment.

MCTs | Coconut
•  Healthy fats that help fuel the brain and can be used as an efficient energy source.

The beauty of Mammoth MASS is that it can truly be used at any time of day! This includes: pre-workout, post-workout, and between meals or even as an actual meal. Mammoth Mass is for you: if you need to increase your caloric intake to reach your daily requirements in order to help add the quality size you desire.
The following is the recommendation and guideline for proper use of Mammoth MASS.***

Recommended Use :  Blend four (4) scoops (320g) of Mammoth MASS with 20 fl.oz. (591ml) of water.

When to use? :  On training days, take one (1) serving for breakfast and one (1) serving post-workout.

When to use? :   On non-training days, take one (1) serving of Mammoth MASS for breakfast and one (1) serving in the afternoon.

Mammoth 3100 Plan :  Mix four (4) scoops of Mammoth MASS with 20 fl.oz. (591ml) of skim milk (2%) twice a day for a Mammoth 160g of protein and 3100 total calories.

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