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PNI Pre Fuel Pre Workout 

PNI PRE Fuel is not your generic pre-workout, it’s not a low-cost product that is overloaded with caffeine and gimmicks. PRE Fuel is a sports supplement that directly improves your performance by fueling your muscles.

PRE Fuel is an ideal pre-workout supplement for athletes who want an increase in both energy & performance without any crashes or other unwanted side effects. 

PRE Fuel is the only pre-workout on the market that contains CarBarley®, helping you to actively increase your power output and endurance.

Why CarBarley®
The more intense our training is, the more our body craves carbohydrates to feed our muscle and provide immediate energy.
CarBarley® provides a quick sustainable energy source for your muscles helping you perform better and for longer.

What else does PRE Fuel provide?

CarBarley® is just one of twelve ingredients in PRE Fuel to help power your performance.
The PRE Fuel formula is designed to help all athletes regardless of your sport.

Other benefits include:  
Multi-pathway energy supply
Clinically dosed pump formula 
Advanced muscular endurance
Maximise power output 
Advanced muscular function 
No stimulant crash

PNI PRE Fuel is athlete tested to directly help fuel your performance and push past any walls in your training regardless of your sport. Fuel your muscles and performance today with PNI PRE Fuel.

We use only pure and legal ingredients making PRE FUEL Your perfect workout partner.  



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