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TestoBol is a brand new blend compound of our long standing supplement hydroxybol (Laxogenin) and the new ingredient to be included in the range Turkesterone.

The combination of these compounds will be sure to give great results with regards of enhancing performance and physique.

Both of the compounds included in this are unmethylated meaning that they can be run with zero worries with regards to a person's internal organs, TestoBol has been designed as a natural compound to increase results whatever your aim by utilising natural plant sterols and ecdysteroids.

How to Take TestoBol

This natural compound will be great taking 1-2 a day for either a 4 or 6 week cycle.

Advanced users may wish to extend this to 8 weeks.

Cycle support is not needed for this cycle.

PCT is also not needed for this cycle

What to expect from TestoBol

After a 30 day (225mg a day) you should expect

  • Improved Libido
  • Improved wellbeing
  • Increase in muscle tissue
  • Decrease in fat

Who should take TestoBol

TestoBol has been designed for those who want to see great results without the worry of side effects.

This natural compound blend is only advised for men as it has an enhancing effect on male testosterone and hormones.

Do I need to take anything else with TestoBol

TestoBol would not need any PCT or cycle support however it must be noted that every single body and dosing may be different.

With this in mind if running a high dosage for a long period of time a low dose of milk thistle cycle support may be advised for keeping health in mind

On a similar level if a person runs for a long period a low strength natural test booster may be required such as prescripto test to get hormones back to normal.

This will ensure you keep your gains and stay safe on cycle and off cycle.

Your TestoBol Cycle

Week 1 -

1 Capsule TestoBol.  

Weeks 2 - 4

2 Capsules TestoBol

Weeks 4 - 8

2 Capsules TestoBol

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