• What To Eat Before The Gym

    The best pre-training fuel for every kind of workout
  • What Is Whey Protein? The Popular Protein Supplement Explained

    Get the lowdown on whey protein: what it is, how it’s made and whether you should be taking it
  • Natural Tips for More Energy

    Trisha Sugarek MacDonald, BS, MS, a supplement educator who specializes in research and development, tells which natural remedies are best for boosting energy levels, including nutrient deficiencies associated with fatigue.
  • Melatonin Benefits and Uses – Can This Hormone Help You Get Better Sleep?

    If you have trouble sleeping, your body may not be producing enough melatonin. This hormone helps regulate your natural sleep-wake cycles and may play a role in other vital bodily functions. You can also purchase melatonin as a supplement.
  • How To Increase Your Testosterone Levels

    Everything you need to know about testosterone and how to boost it if you need to
  • Top 10 Supplements for Men!

    Nutrients are gender-neutral—they don’t discriminate.But because the male and female incarnations of our species are not identical, nutritional benefits can differ somewhat between the sexes.
  • China and USA SARMs Ban 2020

    Over the past few weeks we have been getting a lot of questions about the news coming out of China and the upcoming ban on the production and expor...
  • Welcome to Sport Asylum Nutrition V2

    Welcome to our brand new site. If this is your first time here then you won't notice any difference but if you are one of our many regular customer...

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