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Kickstart your epic day of fat burning with Apex Burn — your daily foundation for boosting fat burning and staying energized & focused all day long.

  • Powered by 6 patented ingredients
  • Skyrockets thermogenesis†
  • Optimizes fat utilization†
  • Improves body composition†
  • SXT™ all-day energy and focus

1. SUPERHUMAN Energy & Focus Matrix:

– L-tyrosine – amino acids are numerous substances that are particularly important for the proper functioning of our bodies. You can find L-tyrosine, a compound involved in numerous metabolic transformations and the synthesis of some hormones. Supplementation with tyrosine can lead to increased levels of dopamine and adrenaline, which in turn will positively affect the amount of energy felt.

– SantEnergy™ – the unique SantEnergy™ supplement is based on a brand new extract from a plant known as Yerba Santa. This extract is truly rich in beneficial polyphenols and other compounds. Moreover, its manufacturer claims that in addition to adding energy, SantEnergy™ extract can accelerate fat burning.

– SXT Energy System™ – this patented formula was created by combining an anhydrous form of caffeine with two types of zumXR™ compound. Thus, it is a blend of as many as three different types of caffeine with a modified release profile. As a result, such caffeine works much longer and more intensively. What’s more, when using it, there is no “downhill” effect, which often occurs during the metabolism of regular caffeine.

– Black pepper extract – this extract is an excellent source of piperine. This compound can increase the assimilation of many nutrients. Thanks to it, the preparations described above will work much more effectively.

2. SUPERHUMAN Thermal Burn Matrix:

– Actiponin™ – another patented ingredient is Actiponin™, a formulation based on a plant known as Jiaogulan. The compounds in it can enhance fatty acid oxidation, thus supporting weight loss.

– MitoBurn™ – a preparation available under the name MitoBurn™ has recently gained popularity. According to the manufacturer’s declaration, it contains a unique metabolite produced in the human body during intense exercise. Thus, MitoBurn™ is supposed to help increase energy expenditure during workouts and, at the same time, athletic support performance itself.

– InnoSlim™ – another unique supplement is InnoSlim™, created using active compounds in ginseng and astragalus. This supplement is said to have a beneficial effect on lipid metabolism and blood sugar levels. As a result, its action may accelerate fat burning.

– Fucoxanthin – interestingly, fucoxanthin has been used as food colouring for years. However, this is not the most important thing about it. Much more important is its beneficial effect on the course of processes related to fat burning. Fucoxanthin can increase the number of calories burned and reduce the amount of fat deposited. Thus, when combined with proper training, it can have a beneficial effect on weight reduction.

– CaloriBurnGP™ – the last patented ingredient in the formula is CaloriBurnGP™, an agent based on Grains of Paradise. Its distinctive feature is that it is standardized to a minimum of 12.5% content of the active compound, namely 6-paradol. This is because it is supposed to be responsible for the beneficial effects of Grains of Paradise on fat-burning processes. According to the manufacturer, CaloriBurnGP™ can boost metabolism and burn fat faster.


Mix one scoop of the product (about 6.5 g) with water and drink about 20-30 minutes before training.

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