Alpha Lion Super Human Intra
Alpha Lion Super Human Intra
Alpha Lion Super Human Intra

Alpha Lion Super Human Intra

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Alpha Lion Super Human Intra delivers:

6000mg of BCAAs in the scientifically studied 2:1:1 ratio, shown to promote muscle growth and recovery and reduce training related soreness
4000mg of the 6 EAAs to support muscle protein synthesis
3750mg electrolyte and hydration matrix with Calci-K, AquaMin, Taurine & Coconut water to maximize hydration and electrolyte replenishment
And finally 50mg of AstraGin for maximum absorption

It’s a completely new intra-workout experience that’s guaranteed to make you say “later Gator!”

  • Maximize Your Workout: Maximizes recovery and athletic endurance with Alpha Lion Intra. A perfect combination of hydration, electrolyte replenishment, and aminos to boost a workout. Sip while you train and push that little bit harder.
  • Grapermelon Gains: An anabolic flavor collision of candy grape and sweet watermelon. This unique flavor combination will create a gains-quenching party in your mouth and in your biceps so you can curl until the gym kicks you out!
  • Replenishment: Alpha Lion Intra maximizes hydration and electrolyte replenishment during your workout, assuring you don’t lose steam halfway through.
  • All 9 Aminos: Alpha Lion Intra not only fuels you during and after your workout, it also boasts 10 grams of all 9 amino acid for maximum recovery! That means you’ll rebuild faster and stronger.
  • Patented Ingredients: Alpha Lion Intra in an ultra-premium formula using patented ingredients and superior-grade fermented InstAminos. As you’ve come to know, Alpha Lion doesn’t skimp on better ingredients just because they cost a little more. Results matter.

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