JBR Group Joker Pre-workout 300g

JBR Group Joker Pre-workout 300g

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Crazy Strength & Muscle Pump

Joker is an advanced pre workout supplement designed to help you train smarter and harder.

Efficiently supports strength, focus, endurance, muscle pump and cognitive processing speed.

16 Active Ingredients
3 Functional Blends

Brain & Focus Support Blend

7 ingredients affecting focus and concentration
L-tyrosine helps to stay focused during exercise
ALCAR (acetyl-L-carnitine) to reduce mental fatigue
B vitamins to support nervous system
L-theanine to achieve “calm focus”

Muscle Support Blend

High doses of active ingredients
Norvaline to promote tissue regeneration
AAKG and L-Citrulline to support NO synthesis and blood flow
Magnesium to support muscle contraction
Beta-alanine to increase muscle endurance

Joker Energy Blend

Yohimbine gives you extra energy and support fat loss
Geranium extract improves strength training performance
Bitter orange extract increase alertness and support
the action of geranium extract
Reasonable dose of caffeine - 200 mg

Joker contains 16 active ingredients in doses that can be adapted to experience level (10g or 15g serving). It contains just the exact amount of active ingredients to make every user feel satisfied without causing any side effects like other strong pre-workouts.

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