Muscle Madness (Ecdysterone Blend)

Muscle Madness (Ecdysterone Blend)

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Are you looking for something to give you an edge in the gym but don’t want to have to deal with on cycle support or post cycle therapy?

Are you looking for something to amplify the hard work you’re already putting into your diet?

A product that increases protein synthesis without negatively affecting your natural hormone production?

No On Cycle Support needed

No PCT required

Then look no further!

Muscle Madness is a blend of 2 completely natural ingredients called Turkesterone and Beta-Ecdysterone. These 2 ecdysteroids have been growing in popularity for gym-goers and athletes looking to pack on muscle mass and improve body composition. 

Don’t let the name “Ecdysteroid” put you off. Ecdysteroids are a type of steroid hormone produced by insects and have a similar structure to the male hormone testosterone. This doesn’t mean they act as steroids in humans however. 

This similarity to testosterone means trials in humans are showing lots of promise for muscle building, fat loss and athletic performance.

While more studies are needed to identify the exact mechanism of action in the body. What is known for sure is, both Turkesterone and Beta-Ecdysterone have these benefits but neither have any significant toxicity side effects nor do they interfere with normal hormone production in humans.

This means there is no need to run an on cycle support along side your course and no requirement for post cycle therapy once you come off.

This makes Muscle Madness a very viable alternative to much harsher and potentially dangerous performance enhancing compounds, without any of the associated side effects or long term problems!

Per two capsule serving - 
Turkesterone 500mg
Beta Ecdysterone 500mg
Black Pepper 10mg

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